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Iíve always found it enjoyable to sip a steaming cup of coffee and watch Good Morning America in bed before bolting out and meeting the demands of the day.  Never having been much of a breakfast eater, biscotti, toast or a pastry was the perfect accompaniment.  Several months ago, I switched to a slice of buttered toast with cream cheese.  Thatís when my early morning indulgence changed from a solitary event to a group activity or, better still, a gathering.  That was the beginning of The Cream Cheese Club. 

Loki has been Mr. Up Close and Personal from the day he was born.  Heís the kind of wegie who cuddles next to you as soon as you hit the sofa or bed and freely offers his big white furry belly for scratching when you pass by.  His brother, Tristan, is rather layback except when the aroma of food permeates the air.  Their mother, Paris, is a busybody whose curiosity surpasses her need sit guard by everyone elseís toys sheís hoarded under the chair.  Her brother, Viking, the self-proclaimed Top Cat, doesnít miss a trick whether itís who is at the front door or what is being prepared in the kitchen. 

CH, GRP Kashi Saga Loki Corsair

It was the addition of cream cheese to the toast that turned the tide from my breakfast to our breakfast. From the first day I lifted the cream cheese slathered toast to my lips, Iíve been surrounded by four bright-eyed wegies who consider it their right to share.  Iíve always believed that my pets should have human food as part of their diet, so it was natural for me to scoop some fingertips of warm cream cheese off the toast and offer it to them. Itís so funny watching them lick your fingers, pink tongues busily consuming, ears flattened and eyes crossed as they focus on their prey.  I hadnít anticipated that it would be such a hit or become a morning ritual. 

Kashi Saga Tristan Corsair

It was just a matter of time before the only practical, and equitable, solution was to provide a dish of warm cream cheese so we all could enjoy an early morning interlude before the facing the demands of the day.  When I announce ďCream Cheese Club!Ē, 70 pounds of eager wegies bound onto the bed and surround me.  Two share the dish, while two prefer fingertips. After all is consumed, I have the pleasure of sipping my coffee and watching them wash their faces and bathe their ruffs which is infinitely more joyous than seeing Good Morning America. 

CH Kashi Saga Pirate Paris

CH, GRP Kashi Saga Pirate Viking



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